Business Strategies

Capture opportunities in the growing and developing overseas capital markets for PRC clients
  • In line with One Belt One Road and Going Global strategies and the opening up of the PRC’s capital markets
  • Capitalized on the expected demand for diversification into overseas assets, driven by further RMB depreciation expectation
  • Focus on expanding customer base by targeting PRC clients with offshore funds
  • Further generate revenue through relationship development and product cross-selling, particularly in capital markets & advisory business
Pursue and leverage off strategic alliances, tie-ups and associations for growth
  • Entered into several strategic alliances with selected partners to generate business opportunities, and continue to seek further strategic partnerships
    - e.g. alliance with Yango Holdings, the leading Chinese private conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of financial services needs, to explore business opportunities in capital markets and insurance brokerage services
    - e.g. alliance with the investment banking arm of KEB Hana Bank–KEB Hana Global Finance, one of the largest financial institutions in Korea to leverage the market knowledge and information, client resources and capital markets & advisory and asset management expertise
Exploit complementary businesses and utilize ability to cross-sell and provide synergies
  • With the Group’s diverse product offerings, focus on synergies and cross-selling opportunities to maximize revenue
  • Winning engagements relating to managing offshore investments as a result of work undertaken in capital markets & advisory
Continue to grow the core businesses to be the best-in-class non-bank financial services platform
  • Capital Markets & Advisory: leverage shareholders' support in origination and deliver best-in-class execution capability to become a premiere investment bank
  • Asset Management: focus on HNW and institutional clients to become the leader in cross-border asset management
  • Insurance Brokerage: utilize sector expertise to expand our corporate client base by helping PRC clients’ in managing the insurable risks of their outbound investments.