AMTD is one of the largest local corporate insurance brokers by revenue in Hong Kong. Despite the presence of many competitors including global players, AMTD has been able to differentiate itself and obtained long-term trust from its clients.

We provide one-stop insurance consultancy services, including risk management, business insurance and employee benefits advice to its corporate clients. After years of cooperation, AMTD has developed an in-depth understanding of its customers' business which allows it to source cost-effective insurance policies and risk management programs adapted to their needs.

The products and services that AMTD offers to corporate customers in its insurance brokerage business are driven by the risk management solutions that the customers require. The main categories of insurance products that AMTD provides include:

  • Construction risk insurance - Insurance coverage for construction projects (e.g., property development, power plant setup and infrastructure projects such as bridge construction). Coverage is normally “all risk”, which encompasses, among other things, employee insurance, accident insurance, property damage insurance and liability insurance.
  • Employee benefits - Corporate staff insurance and medical coverage package, including group life, group medical, personal accident and travel.
  • Property and casualty insurance - Insurance coverage for property loss or damage and accidental personal injury or death.
  • Marine insurance - Insurance coverage for loss or damage of boats, ships, cargo, ship terminals or property being transported by sea.