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AMTD Group is a Hong Kong-based comprehensive financial institution with services coverage across China and the world. AMTD is a leading full-fledged securities service platform and cross-border investment bank in Asia as well as the largest local asset management and corporate insurance brokerage firm in Hong Kong. In 2016, AMTD successfully completed its debut HKSE-listed USD bond offering, which represents the first ever and the largest international USD bond offering from an unrated and unlisted financial services company in Hong Kong.

AMTD has always been dedicating to serving and connecting capital and resources across Mainland, Hong Kong and the globe. On par with multinational bulge brackets, the Group is capable of providing full-fledged securities services and investment banking business and is among the top bookrunners of both equity and debt capital markets in Hong Kong. AMTD has completed a series of landmark capital markets and advisory transactions with compelling momentum, covering a wide product spectrum including IPOs, placements, debt offerings and financial advisory services, in the capacity of Joint Global Coordinator, Joint Bookrunner and Joint Lead Manager, including: the US$607mm H-share IPO of Bank of Qingdao (3866.HK), the largest city commercial bank in Shandong Province; the US$949mm H-share IPO of Bank of Tianjin (1578.HK), the largest city commercial bank of the Bohai rim; the US$1.1bn H-share IPO of Everbright Securities Company Limited (6178.HK), a leading securities company in China; and the US$630mm IPO of Meitu, Inc. (1357.HK), one of the largest Hong Kong-listed technology companies. In the past 12 months, AMTD already completed 40 debt capital market issuances for various companies.

AMTD owns the largest market share in Hong Kong corporate insurance brokerage market and provides risk solutions alongside the internationalization of numerous Chinese companies. The Group also manages a rapid-growing asset portfolio and combines investment and financing across a global network. Meanwhile, AMTD has a long history of promoting technological innovation and the development of the sharing economy, especially in the field of Fintech investment. Last year, as the only Hong Kong-based financial institution, the Group was for the first time selected by the "Institutional Investors" magazine as one of the "2016 Fintech Finance 35".

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